Technical service

Technical service


Service hotline: +8618049928919/021-64885307

Lifetime service

The warranty is 12 months, and the product provides lifetime maintenance service.
The customer service will respond within 2 hours after receiving the customer's request for repair.

Spare parts and replacement

Angji pays great attention to the "universality" and "interchangeability" of parts and components in product design, and has established a complete technical file for each flowmeter product. The factory is equipped with a large number of accessories to ensure that users' products can be repaired promptly and quickly.

Warranty period

12 months from the date of product shipment.

Warranty limitations

1.The installation of the flowmeter does not comply with the national regulations and the guidelines stipulated in the Nal technical documents.
2. Human factors and irresistible factors.

Life Service Regulations

Shanghai Angji implements life-long maintenance for all its products, and the service tenet is:
1. Ensure that the product runs uninterrupted.
2. Continue to maintain high measurement accuracy and extend product life.
3. Minimize the user's repair and maintenance costs.

Service items

Strictly follow the requirements of the product manual to guide the installation and commissioning of the product.

Technical support

1. Assist the user to make a reasonable selection according to the site conditions and process requirements. Ensure that the instrument works normally and efficiently.
2. Free training of user operators.
3. Assist users in formulating instrument management system.
4. The service hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to answer every inquiry from users in a timely and accurate manner, and make timely and effective arrangements for every repair request.


1. After each service is completed, the "After-sales Service Form" is filled in and confirmed by the user.
2. Follow up and return visits to users, conduct a "user satisfaction survey", and welcome users to make a comprehensive evaluation of product quality and service quality!