World Water Day

World Water Day

March 22, 2022 is the 30th “World Water Day” and the first day of the 35th “China Water Week” in China. my country has set the theme of this “China Water Week” as “promoting comprehensive control of groundwater overexploitation and revitalizing the ecological environment of rivers and lakes”.Water resources are basic natural resources and strategic economic resources, and are the controlling elements of ecology and environment.

Over the years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to solving water resource problems, and have adopted a series of major policy measures, which have achieved remarkable results.

It is reported that in order to monitor and control water, my country has built hundreds of thousands of underground automatic water quality monitoring stations, all of which are equipped with integrated groundwater automatic monitoring equipment, which has realized the automatic collection of groundwater water level and water temperature monitoring data in major plain basins and human activity economic zones across the country. , real-time transmission and data reception, and real-time sharing of groundwater monitoring data with water conservancy departments.
According to the “National Groundwater Pollution Prevention and Control Plan”, groundwater accounts for 1/3 of the country’s water resources and 20% of the country’s total water consumption. 65% of domestic water, 50% of industrial water and 33% of agricultural irrigation water in northern my country come from groundwater. Among the 655 cities in the country, more than 400 cities use groundwater as a source of drinking water. It is not difficult to see that groundwater is an important source of drinking water. An important source of drinking water for people, its water quality is closely related to people’s life safety.

Therefore, it is more important to carry out comprehensive management of groundwater overexploitation. In water management, monitoring is the first step. Groundwater monitoring is the “stethoscope” for groundwater management and protection. In 2015, the state deployed the construction of groundwater monitoring projects and achieved remarkable results. It is reported that my country has built a monitoring network covering major plains and major hydrogeological units across the country, realizing effective monitoring of groundwater levels and water quality in major plains, basins and karst aquifers in my country, and achieving significant social and economic benefits.

In addition, to protect the ecological environment of rivers and lakes, it is necessary to comprehensively promote the implementation of the water function zone system, reasonably determine the total amount of pollutants in river water bodies, and effectively control the total amount of pollutant discharge. With the country’s emphasis on water environmental protection, the market size of water quality monitoring continues to expand.

If related companies want to gain development opportunities in the water quality monitoring market, their water quality monitoring instruments and meters should develop in a diversified direction. The demand for specialized instruments such as various heavy metal monitors and total organic carbon analyzers will increase. At the same time, the water quality monitoring instruments installed in the early stage are facing problems such as aging, inaccurate monitoring data, and unstable instruments, which need to be replaced, as well as the replacement of the instruments themselves, which will promote the accelerated growth of the demand for water quality monitoring instruments, and relevant enterprises can focus on the layout. .
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